Calls for Papers/Mar 30, 2023

Animal Performances (500–1500). A Global Perspective

Animal Performances (500–1500). A Global Perspective lead image

Animal Performances (500–1500). A global perspective, LMU via Zoom, July 21, 2023

Animals performed (and still perform) a wide range of roles in human society. One of them was entertainment: from bloody venationes of the Romans to less bloody but nonetheless cruel, displays of dancing bears and dogs.

By "animal performances" we understand all forms of public displays of animals, including ceremonial hunts, parades of exotic animals, and animal trials. We invite twenty minutes contributions that would tackle these and related subjects. We especially invite papers approaching this topic from modern methodological perspective and discussing animal performances outside the European/Euromediterrenean area.

Organized by Prof. Dr. Przemysław Marciniak