Funding/May 27, 2015

14 Research Positions, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

The Collaborative Research Centre 1136 "Education and Religion in Cultures of the Mediterranean and Its Environment from Ancient to Medieval Times and to the Classical Islam" at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany), funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation), currently invites applications for 14 Research Positions (Doctoral Students and Postdocs).

The positions start as soon as possible and last for three years with the possibility of extension. The postdocs will hold full-time positions, the doctoral students part-time positions.

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) investigates constellations of education and religion in Greco-Roman religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam from the 5th century BCE to the 13th century CE. Research is guided by the assumption that investigating the relationship of education and religion will provide deeper insights into cultural, social, and religious dynamics which were fundamental in these cultures and religions. The interaction of education and religion will be investigated within four project areas: (A) Storehouses of education; (B) Interpretations; (C) Communications; (D) Discourses. The tableau of academic disciplines involves Classics and Jewish Studies as well as Christian biblical exegesis and Church History, Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, Oriental Studies, Medieval History, and Pedagogics of Religion.

First and foremost, the doctoral students and postdocs participate in and contribute to the research conducted within the sub-projects of the CRC. The doctoral students and postdocs will also take part in the interdisciplinary collaboration with other sub-projects within the CRC and in the latter`s plenary meetings and workshops.

Applications for positions in 11 sub-projects are invited. These include:

  • sub-project A 01: Archaeology of Ancient Libraries: Religion, Representation, Storerooms of Knowledge (Doctoral Student)
  • sub-project A 03: Pagan Religion and Philosophy in `Virtual Libraries´: Late Antique Compendia and Encyclopaedic Works (2 Doctoral Students)
  • sub-project B 04: Scriptural Exegesis and Religious Polemics in Syriac Texts in Late Antiquity (Doctoral Student)
  • sub-project B 05: Scriptural Exegesis and Educational Traditions in Coptic-Speaking Egyptian Christianity in Late Antiquity: Shenoute, Canon 6 (Doctoral Student)
  • sub-project C 05: The Christian Catechumenate from Late Antiquity to Early Medieval Times and Its Reception in Modern Pedagogics of Religion (2 Doctoral Students)