Things: Their Lives, Agency, and Meanings

Things: Their Lives, Agency, and Meanings, session at the UAAC/AAUC Universities Art Association of Canada Conference, Toronto, October 23–26, 2014

Recent theoretical approaches such as thing theory, new materialism, and visual/material culture studies have allowed us to enrich and sometimes revise our understanding of the meanings of objects by profoundly reshaping the ways in which we look and think about them. This panel seeks to delve into the agency of things and to inquire into the lives of objects in order to uncover how their making, history, consumption, use, movement, restoration, or change of locale can impact their meanings. Whether focusing on works of fine, decorative, or industrial art, we invite researchers to ask questions such as (but not limited to): how have our attitudes towards things changed over time? how do things give new meaning to their surroundings? how do things participate in matters of sociability? what relationships can we trace between things and the paintings or prints in which they are represented?

Abstracts of 150 words and a short (300 words maximum) bio-bibliographical paragraph that specifies rank and institutional affiliation (if applicable) should be submitted to the session chairs.

Session Chairs: Ersy Contogouris and Marie-Ève Marchand

Source: CFP: 3 sessions at UAAC/AAUC (Toronto, 23-26 Oct 14). In: H-ArtHist, Jun 12, 2014 (accessed Jun 13, 2014), <>

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