Beekeeping In The Mediterranean - From Antiquity To The Present

Beekeeping In The Mediterranean - From Antiquity To The Present, Chamber of Cyclades, Conference Hall, Ermoupoli, Syros, October 9–11, 2014

The objective of this symposium is to present the findings related to the history of beekeeping in Greece and the Mediterranean, share experiences on the use of local honeybee breeds and have a broad discussion on current practical beekeeping issues such as proper and effective disease prevention and management.

The main theme of the Symposium is relevant to all of us given that history shows us the way to the future. Our beekeeping tradition exists in our practice and our population and while the sector's problems are numerous, there are prospects for growth. We will be glad to see you all and to have the opportunity to share knowledge, taking this different journey throughout the ages.

Of possible interest to Byzantinists are papers by Ilias Anagnostakis (Senior Researcher, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute for Historical Research), “Wild and domestic honey in middle Byzantine Hagiography: issues relating to its production, collection, and consumption” [abstract] and by archaeologist Sophia Germanidou, “Beekeeping in Byzantine culture. Evidence from textual sources, depictions, archaeological finds” [abstract].

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