Senses, Affect, and the Imagination in Late Antiquity

Keynote Address, Case-Geyer Library, Room 560, Friday, April 11, 4:30–6:00
The Consecration of Fear: Religio from Plautus to Tertullian and the Psychological and Social Roles of Fear and Shame, Professor Carlin Barton (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Workshops, Merrill House, Colgate University Faculty Club, 88 Hamilton Street

Friday, April 11, 2:00–3:45 pm: "Troubled Boundaries"
How do such varied phenomena as the haunts of ascetics, wild animal friends of monks, and statues of the Virgin Mary become the foci for affective intensity? Panelists will draw on affect theory, ecocriticism, and the new materialism in their explorations of the usefulness of such theories for the study of the pre-modern world.
Panelists: Virginia Burrus, Syracuse University; Nell Champoux, Le Moyne College; Patricia Cox Miller, Syracuse University

Saturday, April 12, 9:00–10:45am: "Listening to Silence"
What happens when hearing is tuned to the unsayable, to the anticipation of sound? Panelists will engage landscape, language, and the tension between physical and spiritual senses.
Panelists: Jennifer Glancy, Le Moyne College; Kim Haines-Eitzen, Cornell University; Karmen MacKendrick, Le Moyne College

Saturday, April 12, 11:00am–12:45pm: "Disciplining the Senses"
This workshop draws on four papers exploring the role of materiality in seemingly spiritual texts: writings on the soul, on saints, and on monasticism. We will pay particular attention to the intersection of the senses and materiality to see how the senses need to be disciplined (or redirected) in order to achieve the writer’s aims.
Panelists: Albrecht Diem, Syracuse University; Rebecca Krawiec, Canisius College; Philip Webster, University of Pennsylvania; Zachary Yuzwa, Cornell University

Seating is limited for the workshops. For more information, please contact Georgia Frank.

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