Renovatio in the East Roman & Byzantine World, 395–1453

Renovatio in the East Roman & Byzantine World, 395–1453, Oxford University Byzantine Society proposed sponsored session, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 6–9, 2015

A blurred program of reform presented as renewal, renovatio was an extremely important concept for the Classical Roman Empire, and remained so for the entire history of its eastern continuation. As emperors sought to establish their legitimacy through issuing law codes, building programs, and reconquering lost lands, both the reality and the rhetoric of renovatio had a fundamental impact on the Byzantine view of themselves and their state. Evidence of these programs for restoration resonates today through out surviving texts, coins, and art and architecture, strongly influencing our historiographical reconstructions. We warmly invite papers dealing with these issues across the full lifespan of the Eastern Roman Empire and its successor states, from all areas of Late Antique & Byzantine studies. Suggested topics include:

  • Justinian and his World – Reconquest, Reform, and Renewal
  • Law and renovatio from the Theodosian Code to the Hexabiblos
  • Iconoclasm, the Isaurians, and the Resurgence of Byzantium
  • Rhetoric in Stone – Byzantine Architectural renovatio
  • A Macedonian Renaissance?
  • Literary renovatio – Historiography and the Greco-Roman Novel
  • The ‘Komnenian Restoration’
  • Art, Politics and renovatio in the post-1204 World

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