Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory, and the City

Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory, and the City, King’s College London, November 6–7, 2014

Perhaps the world’s most iconic city, Jerusalem exists both as a physical space and as a site of memory, ideas, and re-memberings. In art, literature, film, and history writing; in acts of public and private worship; and in communities across the globe, memories of Jerusalem have, for centuries, been created, invoked, and relived. This cross-period, interdisciplinary conference invites paper and panel submissions on the theme of Jerusalem and Memory, c. 1099 to the Present Day. Topics may include, but need not be limited to:

  • techniques of memorialisation / techniques of memory
  • place, space, and memory
  • souvenirs, mementoes, and memory aids
  • the materiality (or immateriality) of memory
  • memory and sensation
  • memory, land and environment
  • memory and warfare
  • memory and governance
  • forgetting, false memory, and fictional remembering
  • narrative and memory
  • memory and the archive
  • national, local, and transnational memories
  • memory and community
  • ethnography as remembering
  • ritual, repetition, and performance
  • sacred and secular memory

Keynote speakers
Professor Anthony Bale (Birkbeck)
Professor Eyal Weizman (Goldsmiths)

Organised by the AHRC-Funded Research Network ‘Imagining Jerusalem, 1099 to the Present Day’

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