Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship - Translating in Antiquity, Translating Antiquity

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship - Translating in Antiquity, Translating Antiquity, University of Oslo

A position as a postdoctoral fellow is available at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo. The position will be attached to the interdisciplinary research area Traveling Texts: Translation and Transnational Reception.

A central question for Traveling Texts is how ideological and aesthetic values are negotiated in translation from antiquity to the present. The successful applicant is expected to read the overall project description for Traveling Texts and to formulate his/her own research project with focus on antiquity. This component of the Traveling Texts-project is looking at exploring:

  • Greek and Roman translation theories and methods
  • Specific examples of linguistic, aesthetic or cultural negotiations when Greek or Latin texts are translated into other languages, ancient or modern.

The successful candidate is expected to participate actively in the research group and to co-organise the relevant workshop planned for autumn 2015.

The main objective of appointments to the position of postdoctoral fellow is to qualify researchers for work in top academic positions within their respective area of study. The appointment applies for a two-year period.

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