ParaTexBib – Paratexts of the Bible: Analysis and Edition of the Greek Textual Transmission

A total of six positions are open for the project “ParaTexBib – Paratexts of the Bible: Analysis and Edition of the Greek Textual Transmission.” The project is being funded by the European Research Council (ERC). The positions are for a period of three years; three are intended for doctoral students and three for postdoctoral scholars, with a workload of 50–100%. The postdoctoral positions may be extended for a further two years.

Applicants should be highly qualified in the subjects of philology/ancient Greek, theology/church history, Byzantine studies or ancient history. Very good knowledge of classical, biblical, or Byzantine Greek is required, and in addition knowledge of at least two relevant modern scholarly languages. The capability for working well on a research team is essential.

For postdoctoral applicants a doctorate in a relevant field and experience in handling Greek manuscripts is required. Previous knowledge in the fields of critical text-editing, bible scholarship, Greek paleography, codicology, or digital humanities is a plus. For prospective doctoral students, successful completion of a master’s degree, as well as a doctoral dissertation planned or already begun in a relevant area, is required. Supervision of the doctorate by the chair for Church History will be possible should the occasion arise, with the opt ion of co-advising as well.

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