New Finding Aids and Inventories from ICFA at Dumbarton Oaks

The Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA) is pleased to announce the publication of several new finding aids. Check under the “Finding Aids” field in the following collection-level records in our online inventory, AtoM@DO:

  • Christopher B. Donnan and Donna McClelland Moche Archive, 1963–2011
  • Robert L. Van Nice Fieldwork Records and Papers, ca. 1936–1989
  • Mildred Barnes and Robert Woods Bliss Correspondence with Kirsopp and Silva Lake, 1934–1941
  • William Earl Betsch Photographs of Architectural Capitals in Istanbul, 1970

Additionally, ICFA has created preliminary inventories for:

  • Arthur Kingsley Porter Photographs of Architecture and Manuscripts, 1980s
  • British Gardens Aerial Photographs Collection
  • Corpus of Early Christian and Byzantine Silver, 1981–1986
  • Donald D. Egbert and Andrew S. Keck Albums, 1937
  • Dumbarton Oaks Research Archive, ca. 1940s
  • Franklin M. Biebel Photograph Albums of Mosaics, ca. 1950s
  • Illuminated Manuscripts Photographs, ca. 1950

These collections document various fieldwork and research projects, primarily relating to Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art and architecture, but also related to prehistoric sites in eastern Turkey and gardens in the United Kingdom. They range from the detailed architectural survey of Hagia Sophia conducted by Robert Van Nice and his fieldwork assistants between 1937 and 1980s; the documentation of architectural capitals in the city of Istanbul by William Betsch for his dissertation; the photographic and fineline drawing documentation of Moche art created and assembled by Christopher Donnan and Donna McClelland; and correspondence detailing the financial support provided by Mildred and Robert Bliss to scholarly publications and archaeological expeditions undertaken by Kirsopp and Silva Lake. Additionally, other collections illustrate Dumbarton Oaks’ early fellowship and institutional projects starting in the early 1940s, including systematic efforts to document Early Christian and Byzantine monuments, manuscripts, and silver objects. There are also photo albums detailing Donald Egbert and Andrew Keck’s 1937 travels in Europe and the Middle East, as well as Franklin Biebel’s efforts to document mosaic pavements in Byzantium and the West.


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