Modern Greek for Postgraduates of Greek Archaeology and Early Career Scholars

Modern Greek for Postgraduates of Greek Archaeology and Early Career Scholars, Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, October 27–November 7, 2014

Reading modern Greek bibliographical sources has become indispensable for any research postgraduate student or scholar of Greek Archaeology. This two-week intensive course (pilot) aims at familiarizing non-native Greek students with the modern Greek language - structure, vocabulary and terminology - which is used in archaeological publications, from excavation reports and object catalogues to theoretical studies, and from current demotic Greek to katharevousa.

The venue will be the IIHSA premises, 51A Notara St, Athens. Lessons will take place on three evenings per week (x 2.5 hours) over a two-week period from 27th October to 7th November 2014. The course may be extended for a third week (10th–14th November) depending on demand.

The teacher will be archaeologist and philologist Dr Vassilis Petrakis. The course, which will be taught through English, will use a tailor-made Reader. The choice of texts will take into account the students' research interests as far as possible.

The fee is 200 Euro for the two-week course. It is open to all postgraduates/early career scholars with a working knowledge of modern Greek or those who have been attending an intensive course in modern Greek. The number of participants will be limited to 8. One academic reference will be required.

Limited accommodation will be available in the IIHSA premises for the duration of the course.

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