Migration and Displacement in the Medieval Mediterranean

Migration and Displacement in the Medieval Mediterranean, session at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, July 6–9, 2015

Jochen Schenk (University of Glasgow) is seeking proposals for a session on “Human Migration and Displacement in the Medieval Mediterranean at the Time of the Holy Land Crusades (c.1050–c.1300),” to be held at “Reform and Renewal” — the International Medieval Congress at Leeds, 6–9 July 2015.

This session aims to look at the challenges posed to societies, governments and secular and religious institutions by the forced or voluntary migration of individuals, groups and populations within and across political and cultural boundaries in areas directly affected by the holy land crusades. Of particular interest in this context are the social and political mechanisms available or invented for dealing with refugees and otherwise displaced persons; the social and cultural costs (and benefits) of human displacement; challenged or shifting concepts of identity; human trafficking: its actors, victims and markets; the challenges posed to government by nomadic societies; migration and the labour market; the legal treatment of migrants and refugees; memories of migration and displacement.

The session is interdisciplinary and international in concept. Publication of a volume of essays is anticipated.

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