Mediterranean Visions/ Mediterranean Frame

Mediterranean Visions/ Mediterranean Frame, Sant'Anna Institute, Sorrento, June 13–15, 2014

This conference will focus on the perceptions of the journey to/from/around the Mediterranean Sea, moving from Italian, European and extra-European perspectives (and with specific reference to the Americas), and concentrating on the theme of immigration/emigration to/from the Mediterranean Basin), the intercultural exchanges occurring between its shores, as well as new challenges (social and economic) facing the region from the globalized society and from the increasingly urgent democratic imperatives of the populations inhabiting it.

Selected conference papers will published in a volume of proceedings.

In conjunction with the conference, the symposium, "History, Literature and Culture in a Mediterranean Frame,” co-organized by Wake Forest University and the Mediterranean Seminar with the sponsorship of Centro di Cultura e Storia Amalfitana, will be held on 15 June, and is open to all.

Confirmed speakers:

Brian A. Catlos (University of Colorado Boulder/University of California Santa Cruz)
John Dagenais (University of California at Los Angeles)
Sharon Kinoshita (University of California Santa Cruz)
Roberta Morosini (Wake Forest University)
Pasquale Sabbatino (Universita' degli studi "Federico II' di  Napoli)
Carlo Saccone (Universita' di Bologna)
Roberto Tottoli   (Universita' degli studi di Napoli  “L'Orientale”)
Prof. Giuseppe Gargano (Honorary President, Centro di Cultura e Storia Amalfitana)

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