Publications/Jul 1, 2016

A Late Antique Ceramic Workshop Complex

Elizabeth A. Murphy and Jeroen Poblome. “A Late Antique Ceramic Workshop Complex: Evidence for Workshop Organisation at Sagalassos (Southwest Turkey).” Anatolian Studies, volume 66 (January 2016): 185–199.

Sites of ceramic production have been discovered throughout the area that was once the Roman Empire; as a result, it is becoming increasingly clear that this industry was, in the Roman and late antique worlds, organised in numerous ways. In consideration of the organisational diversity in ceramic production attested during the period, this article presents some of the findings from the excavations of a late antique complex of ceramic workshops at the site of Sagalassos in order to consider archaeological evidence in terms of, not only the organisation of the manufacturing process, but also structures of workshop decision-making. Several lines of archaeological evidence are outlined, and argue for a model of independent work units integrated into a larger organisational structure of decision-making, and possibly even ownership, across the complex. In addition, the motivation to invest in a multi-workshop complex during the late antique period at Sagalassos is contextualised within the wider history of local and regional economic development.

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