Ghent University Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Syriac Hagiography

The Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University (Belgium) is seeking well-qualified applicants for two fully-funded Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (Syriac and Persian) attached to the European Research Council project Novel Saints. Ancient novelistic heroism in the hagiography of Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. The Principal Investigator of this project is Prof Dr Koen De Temmerman, who, as a classicist, specializes in ancient fiction and its persistence in later periods.

The ERC project deals with the persistence of ancient novelistic material in (Greek, Latin, Syriac and Arabic) hagiographical narrative traditions in the Mediterranean between the 4th and the 12th centuries. It also investigates the impact of these narrative traditions on medieval fiction in the West, Byzantium and Persia.

The successful candidate for the position in Syriac Hagiography will have an excellent knowledge of Syriac and a very good working knowledge of both Latin and Greek.

(S)he will preferably have specialized in Syriac, late antique narrative literature and will have as central corpora within the project the so-called Acts of Persian martyrs, collections of Lives and hagiographical romances. Each of these three corpora invites dialogue with those examined by other team members. (S)he will be capable of producing (a) a text edition (with English translation) of a carefully-selected set of late Sasanian Acts and (b) detailed literary studies that cover the narrative qualities of the texts and analyze concepts of heroism and fictionalization.

The successful applicants will start employment on 1 June 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter. In order to be eligible, candidates must have obtained their PhD degree at the time of application or demonstrate convincingly that they will have that degree in hand by 1 June 2014. 

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