Confronting the Christian ‘Other’: East-West-relations in the Middle Ages

Confronting the Christian 'Other': East-West-relations in the Middle Ages, University of Vienna, March 14, 2014

The separation of the Latin Church of the West and the Churches of the Christian East cannot be traced back to a single event, but was the result of a variety of historical events and mutual perceptions as well as political strategies. Relations between the East and the West were shaped not only by (official) Church politics but included a wide range of cultural encounter. It is this multi-faceted picture that needs to be examined in a more profound way to better understand the attempts of “union” from the early Middle Ages up to the threshold of the modern period. The Colloquium intends to collect current research and to identify new research agendas in the wider field of (theological) relations between East and West. A certain focus will be on the modes or styles of theological argumentation as well as on parameters that supported (or hindered) ecclesial dialogue between the rivalling parties. Last but not least, the colloquium hopes to provide a forum for junior scholars which may initiate an ongoing fruitful exchange.

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