Chapters and Titles in Byzantine Literature

Chapters and Titles in Byzantine Literature, KU Leuven, September 12, 2014

This one-day colloquium will consider the way in which Byzantine texts label literature: how do they refer to earlier and contemporary literature, and how to they characterize themselves in terms of genre and format? It is interesting not only to document such characterizations but also to reflect upon them in view of what they tell us about the transmission of knowledge in Byzantium. Particular attention will be paid to the typically Byzantine literary format of chapters (κεφάλαια), in which usage of and references to earlier literature play an important role. The colloquium concludes the KU Leuven research project Investigations into the Nature of Patristic and Byzantine Literature.

From the Simple to the Complex: the First Chapters of Nicetas Stethatos’ Gnostic Centuries
Dirk Krausmüller (Mardin Artuklu Üniversitesi)
The Capita de ieiunio: A Spin-off in the Manuscript Tradition of the Anthologium gnomicum (CPG 7716)
Eva De Ridder (KU Leuven)
Byzantine Chapter Collections: Investigations into the Roots of a Genre
Katrien Levrie (KU Leuven)
Labelling Literary Works in the Middle and Late Byzantine Period
Andreas Rhoby (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften)

Attendance is free but registration is required before 10th September. To register, just send an e-mail to Reinhart Ceulemans.

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